discussion / Acoustics  / 13 April 2020

Any here used Cornell's Swift Recorder?

Hi everyone

If you've used Cornell's Swift Recorder, I'd love to chat. In particular, I'm interested to hear people's experiences with battery life. It's supposed to be substantially longer than any other recorder we've tried. The seem like a pretty good option all round but I'd love to talk to someone who's used them.



Hi Daniella,

Yes, I have used SWIFT, SongMeter SM4, and Audiomoths. I find Swift to be the most energy efficient. They are also very affordable. Currently, they are my number one choice.  In reality, however, I would say that whether you use Swift over other sensors, particularly Audiomoths, would depend on the type of study you want to do and how often you can get to the sensors to replace batteries. Happy to talk about cons and pros if you want. Just send me an email here: [email protected].



Hello Daniella, 

We, WCS Mongolia, used lithium batteries for SWIFT recorders, the most of them still working in until now, since the last August.

At the Cornell SAW, they said alkanium battery will be working 27-44 days, and it depends on configuration sample rate.

We are configured 8K for sampling rate, and 24 hours recording.