Machine learning to help fight illegal wildlife trade on social media

Hi everyone, here's a great paper by our friend Enrico Di Minin and team on the importance and challenges of leveraging social media platforms to monitor illegal wildlife trade.  Especially with data protection laws, much of the search and monitoring has been a manual process.  Enrico and his team have created a machine learning that helps to mine, filter and identify illegal wildlife trade on social media platforms in a more automated way. You can access the article here:  If you have any questions on this article, please post them here!


Is the code for the 'Machine learning framework for investigating illegal wildlife trade on social media platforms' by Enrico Di Minin available on GITHUB as open-source for downloading and review? If so, please share the link. Thank you!



Great question, Divya!  @ediminin can you let @divyar know if the code is open-access?


If the actual analysis has been performed, is the dataset available? I had some time during the pandemic and wanted to do something very similar. I e-mailed many different people for a workable dataset but had no luck.