discussion / Camera Traps  / 13 July 2018

Recommendations Needed: Submersible Camera Traps

Hi everyone, I am working on a project where we want to set GSM cameras up on the seashore. Theoretically the cameras shouldn't go under water but in storms there is a chance that they will get submurged.

Anyone done similar and have any recommendations for cameras that could cope with this?

A normal camera has already been tried (and ruined) and we also tried putting one in a plastic box but the hole for the antenna reduced its waterproof level and the flash was reflecting off the case and ruining night shots.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated


Hi @Chloe+Aust - great to see that you've found the right GSM camera trap for your needs. I was following this thread with interest as well: https://www.wildlabs.net/community/thread/388. A friend who works with underwater equipment said that he had some ideas. I'll put you in touch - it would be great if you can discuss via this thread so others can see his recommendations as well.

Hi Chole, there is a fellow named Sebastian Kennerknecht who is a camera trap wizzard.  He has done a ton of work for Panthera.  He might be a guy you want to speak with.  You can find him on FB or I can privatley connect you.  And, we should put your findings on the forum here so everyone can benefit.


Amaxing, thank you! We had to put them out already so have gone with the super-tech solution of a  *very* high pole for now but will look at speaking to Sebastian, or with your contact Rachel if that fails. Thank you so much! Chloe