discussion / Camera Traps  / 3 October 2017

Research: Trail Camera Comparison Testing (results)

Hi All,

I have been working as the Field Specialist for the Conservation Technology Unit at ZSL for the past year and have come into contact with a multitude of trail cameras and trail camera users.  

Most trail camera users in my experience will have a favourite camera that they become familiar with and stick to it. It is therefore unusual to speak to someone who has used all of the latest models. TrailCamPro is a very helpful resource but as mentioned previously is a commercial company whose goal is to sell cameras.

Thanks to two UK trail camera companies, Perdix and NatureSpy, I was able to run a comparison test to compare a number of commonly used trail camera for basic performance. The testing did not go in to depth on each of the camera’s functionality but tried to compare their most similar settings functionality.

I hope to do further testing of cellular enabled cameras in future. If you have any questions or points on my testing please get in contact, or if you wish to copy this test set-up and add to the results that would be extremely welcome.

Best wishes,


zsl_trail_camera_comparison_for_external_use.pdf zsl_appendix_1.xlsx