discussion / Acoustics  / 14 June 2016

Acoustic monitoring survey (WWF-UK)

Hi all, I'm new to WildLabs. 

I work at University College London, and myself and a couple of colleagues are currently developing a WWF-UK best-practice guide for the use of acoustic monitoring tech in ecology and conservation. The intention is to provide clear guidelines for how to deploy acoustic sensors for particular objectives, what models of sensor will suit particular environments/taxonomic groups, and how to analyse the resulting data.

To help develop these, we're running a short online survey to ask for feedback from users of acoustic monitoring technology (in both terrestrial and aquatic environments), about their experiences with deploying sensors, the challenges they've experienced, and what they think are the innovations that will move the field forward. The plan with this is to try and gather together some of the more anecdotal knowledge that doesn’t necessarily get published in the literature, but that's often hugely useful for people wishing to use these devices in the field.

I'm posting this here as I imagine many of you will have exactly this kind of experience - so if you have 10-15 minutes free to participate in the survey, any input will be very much appreciated, and you'll of course be credited for your responses in the report. 

The online survey and some more info is here: https://goo.gl/CixMBo

Please feel free to forward the link on to anyone else you think might be interested, and do get in touch with me if you've got any questions - you can PM me on here, or email at rory[dot]gibb[dot]14[at]ucl.ac.uk. 


Hi Rory, 

Thanks for sharing this survey - it'll be really interesting to hear what comes out of it. How are the results going so far? Has anything unexpected come up?