Career Opportunity /  24 August 2022

PyTorch Developer/Data Scientist at [email protected]

The [email protected] team is looking for a data scientist with strong skills in python and pytorch development. [email protected] is a citizen observatory of plant biodiversity & research platform at the crossroads of data science, ecology & AI. 

Deadline: 24 August 2022 - the deadline has passed.
Montpellier - France

More info here: 

"You will be in charge of the development of an open-source python framework dedicated to learning deep species distribution models for high-resolution biodiversity mapping. This software will be a key element of two large-scale European projects, both related to biodiversity monitoring. It is intended to be used by researchers and/or engineers who are not specialists in deep learning but who have good programming skills in Python. One goal is to federate a community of developers who will be able to contribute to enrich the software with new functionalities, new models and new datasets."