Career Opportunity /  16 September 2022

Post Doctoral researcher - DNA species detection technology

Are you interested in joining a team dedicated to changing how conservation is conducted around the world by developing new genetic technologies for conservation, and being part of the new wave of scientists paving a much-needed new path to saving the world’s dwindling biodiversity? Then this position is for you!

Deadline: 16 September 2022 - the deadline has passed.
canada - Canada, South Africa, United States

WildTechDNA and the Li Lab (Yingfu Li) at McMaster University are looking for a passionate post doctoral researcher experienced in functional nucleic acids and nano technologies to join a globally recognized project that aims to develop a simple, affordable and easy to use DNA biosensor for the detection of wildlife from genetic material. This is the start of a boom in conservation DNA species detection technologies and successful candidates will gain global opportunities in a multitude of fields. Follow the link to learn more and apply. We'd love to have you part of this ground breaking work.

“The applications for such technology are vast, essentially replacing the need for expensive, complex and time-consuming laboratory DNA finger-printing that can hinder conservation capacity.
This technology will be nothing short of revolutionary.” World Wildlife Fund