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Welcome to the official group for our virtual course, Earth Observation 101. This is your space to engage with course instructor Dr Cristian Rossi, find help and resources for each module, collaborate and chat with your fellow course participants!


Advice on afforable LiDAR scanners for Amazon forest surveys

Dear allFirstly, what a fantastic group! I love following the discussions on this site and am a true believer in the power of the crowd so am hoping someone might have the...

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Hi Jeremy, 

With a quick search I've found the paper linked below. It looks like equipments such as Livox MID are sufficient for plot-level analyses, but not for individual trees. Also, it has performed worse in dense canopies and broadleaf forest, thus I believe we won't have a technology capable of doing what you aim for this amount of money (< $1000) in a few years from now.

I hope someone give us an alternative, though. :D




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We need more people using Earth observation data

The role of no-code geospatial software in the fight against climate change

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EO101 Part 3: How is it being used? - Discussion

Hello EO101 Community!We'll be hosting a live chat on YouTube as part of our watch party of Part 3 on the WILDLABS YouTube...

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Hi Shani, great to hear you are enjoying the series!

We're happy to share slides if our speakers give permission, in this case however the speaker has elected not to because of some of the content in the slides.

Was there anything specific you had trouble viewing and wanted to look at in more detail?

No, just in general it's easier for me to absorb information when I can look at it at my own pace (like some things from the first lecture, trying to remember the different types of sensors and their strengths, etc). But no problem at all, I understand- I can always scroll through the video and also do other research online. Thanks for getting back to me!

Ok no problem! Let me know if you have trouble viewing one of the specific figures/diagrams clearly though and I can try reaching out to the speaker to see if they would be willing to provide a higher resolution version.

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EO101 Part 1: How does it work? - Discussion

Hello EO101 Community!We'll be hosting a live chat on YouTube as part of our watch party of Part 1 on the WILDLABS YouTube...

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To start a completely new discussion, click the post button in the top menu then select the EO 101 community group to have the discussion appear here! 


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EO 101 Extra Credit: Interesting Papers & Resources (add your own)

Hi EO 101 Community, As you're diving into Earth Observation over the next few weeks, let's also create a shared respoitory of interesting papers, articles and resources...

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Just came across this: 

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Welcome to the EO101 Virtual Lecture Series!

Hi all and welcome to the EO101 virtual lecture series! I am the course instructor and I look forward to showcasing you basics, applications and practicalities of Earth...

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Hi all


I am a sound designer, field recordist and electroacoustic composer, and I currently find myself in an job working events for Google; this has allowed me to learn a load about ML, CNNs etc. This has reignited my interest in PAM and ecoacoustics in general; I graduated with an MSc in Sound Design from Edinburgh Napier in 2018 and am looking to pursue research-based career options in teh scientific application of sound.

Also my mother worked in pest research through the 80s and 90s and was a GIS and remote sensing specialist so the subject is somewhat in my DNA. 



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Watch Party: Earth Observation 101

Hello EO101 Community!I hope you are all looking forward to our Earth Observation 101 virtual...

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Interested! I'm in EST (east coast of the US).

For anyone interested we have decided to try a YouTube premiere for each part of the course. For the first part of the course visit our YouTube channel at 3:00pm BST on Monday 10 October to join a live chat and watch along with other participants. The video will then be available to watch anytime.


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Earth Observation 101 Virtual Course

Register now for the new virtual course: Earth Observation 101. Join Dr Cristian Rossi, who will guide you through this four-part lecture series exploring remote sensing for conservation.

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