discussion / Community Base  / 6 May 2022

New Platform Help: How do I...?

Hi wildlabbers, 

Through our annual survey, you've told us (for literally YEARS) that your vision for WILDLABS is that it become the online home for conservation technology. To make this dream a reality, it meant that we needed to put all of our publishing and community building tools in your hands, rather than ours. 

With our new platform, you have access to pretty much everything we do. By clicking 'Post', you can now publish articles, add events to our calendar, and start discussions in the community. In coming weeks you will also be able to post jobs and funding opportunies, along with other features rolling out in the next few months. To create a new group, you still need to request it by contacting our team (get me at [email protected]).

There's going to be a learning curve as you start using all the features here. If you can't figure out how to do something (e.g. How do I create a group? What is a header image? What is this thing on my profile?), please use this discussion to ask any questions about how to do things on the platform. We will reply here to help you immediately, and use your questions to create a FAQ that can help other community members as they start using the platform. 

This is also a space to request new features - so if you want to do something and it just doesn't exist yet, tell us about it. 

Good luck and enjoy the new platform!

Hi! I can't seem to find the private messages in the new platform. Is it something that's not part of the site anymore?

Would it be possible to add new functionality that lets us rename attachments on posts? Right now it just pulls the file name directly in. Something like how it is with 'events' posts where you can rename I believe the webpage link input. Thanks!