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Download Now: The Sustained Effort Series

Welcome to Sustained Effort, a collection of community thoughts on the future of sustainability in the conservation technology field.

We are excited to share our latest editorial series, Sustained Effort: Community Thoughts on Conservation Tech Sustainability

The entire Sustained Effort series is now available to download here on WILDLABS.

Exploring the future of sustainability in our field is a constant process of grappling with what we do not yet know, what we cannot yet achieve, and where we realize we must go together - even if the pathway to sustainability is not entirely clear at this moment. 

WILDLABS' community is driven by people striving to make a positive impact on conservation, be it through gathering and analyzing data on critical species, engineering innovative and more effective hardware and software, or facing some of our planet's biggest challenges like habitat destruction, the extinction crisis, and climate change head-on with bold tech-empowered solutions. 

But in the midst of all that vital work, how can we lessen the negative impact of the tools we use and the projects we undertake?

Our series Sustained Effort brings together conservation tech users and makers to share their own perspectives on this topic. Through these case studies, we'll consider the current challenges of working sustainably in our field, but more importantly, how we can all take realistic, practical, and effective steps toward not only lessening our negative impact right now, but discovering larger steps toward the longterm, system-wide change needed to make conservation technology truly sustainable for our planet.

So while you will not find easy solutions within this series to overcome sustainability challenges in your own work, you will find stepping stones and ideas that can help us all move toward those goals as a community. 

Our own goal is for this series to serve as a valuable starting point for this important conversation about the future of conservation technology's sustainability. In the coming weeks and months, we hope to grow a space within WILDLABS for our community to gather ideas surrounding sustainable solutions, find our own roles in making those solutions a reality, and collaborate as we work to solve these challenges together. 

Download Sustained Effort: Community Thoughts on Conservation Tech Sustainability

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Over the next two months, we will update this series page with new discussion threads focusing on the major themes of the Sustained Effort series. 

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About WILDLABS Editorial Series

WILDLABS Editorial Series bring together different voices from our community to start important conversations on the big topics and themes that both unify and challenge our community in their conservation tech work around the world. Featuring thematically connected long-form articles from invited contributors, these series give us the space to explore many facets of one topic and hear many perspectives from experts in various corners of the conservation tech world, capturing a unique window into our community's experiences.

No matter what the overarching theme of our series, our goal is that you will find some facet of your own experiences, challenges, and goals represented, and that some experience or advice will speak to you. 

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