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Download Now: The Technical Difficulties Editorial Series

Our first WILDLABS Editorial Series is now available for download! Read the full Technical Difficulties collection and explore stories of challenges, failures, and lessons learned from the conservation tech community. Download the full Technical Difficulties collection here.

In autumn of 2021, WILDLABS proudly presented our first editorial series, Technical Difficulties, an exploration of conservation tech challenges, failures, and lessons learned. Featuring twelve thematically connected pieces spanning everything from acoustic monitoring to wildlife crime to unique career paths, this full series is now available to download as one collection.

Throughout this series written by conservation technology community members, we discuss the value of encountering challenges and failures in our work. And as we uncover that value, we also discuss how failures in conservation tech can lead to successes, solutions, and reasons to be hopeful about conservation's future.

full pdf link

Download the full series now.

Inside, you'll find stories and lessons learned from:




Colby Loucks and Eric Becker | ​Part 1: Understanding the Realities | Part 2: Cleared for Takeoff | Part 3: Expect the Unexpected 


Christie Sampson | The Death of Giants


Juliana Masseloux | Pangolin in a Haystack


Ellie Warren | Tracking Thunderbird


David Savage | What's The Worst That Can Happen?


Sara Beery and Ellie Warren |  The Promise and Pitfalls of Machine Learning for Conservation


Alina Peter and Kristen Snyder | A Deployment Checklist 


Gautam Shah | The Path to Success


Gayle Pedersen | Can You Hear Me Now? 


John Cornell Lessons from the Field of App Development 

And you can join the conversation and share your own experiences with our community here in our forums.

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