discussion / Community Base  / 6 July 2022

Writing Bootcamp: Ask the WILDLABS Editor

Hi wildlabbers! Ellie here - I'm the WILDLABS editor! 

We've just launched a short series of Writing Bootcamp articles to help you get started writing your own content on WILDLABS. We're so excited to see how our community uses our platform to share things like case studies, articles, and blogs with the biggest conservation tech audience on the internet! 

But we also know that for many of you, writing may not be a skill you've had much opportunity to practice outside of academic papers. That's where our Bootcamp mini-series comes in! No matter how much previous writing experience you have, we hope this week's articles will give you a good foundation to start from while sharing your stories with WILDLABS! 

In the spirit of Writing Bootcamp, I'd also like to invite anyone who could use a bit of extra writing advice or motivation to use this thread to ask your content questions! Whether you're wondering what type of format suits your story idea, you need help with the content editor tool, or you just want to brainstorm ideas, I'm happy to help!

And if you have questions you'd rather chat about outside of this thread, you can always email me at [email protected].

Can't wait to see what you all create!

Awesome! We were wondering about writing on WildLabs now that you can publish articles to specific topics. My writing skills are a bit rusty too. Looking forward to the article series :)