discussion / Citizen Science  / 4 April 2024

WILDLABS AWARDS 2024 - Fostering bat conservation and citizen science in Zimbabwe: Establishing bat groups and training individuals to use bat detectors

Through our project, awarded by the WILDLABS Awards 2024, we aim to establish three bat groups across Zimbabwe. These groups will be trained to use Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro bat detectors and Kaleidoscope Lite Analysis Software.

Our purpose is threefold:

  • Raise awareness on bat conservation.
  • Promote citizen science by engaging these groups in bat data collection and analysis.
  • Advocate for the development of policies to protect bat species in Zimbabwe.

The bat groups will serve as platforms for:

  • Knowledge sharing: Facilitating the exchange of information between researchers, conservationists, and local communities.
  • Fostering collaboration: Encouraging teamwork among these groups for a more impactful approach to bat conservation.

We hope that this project will lead to a greater appreciation for bats in Zimbabwe and dispel the myths associated with them.

We are grateful to WILDLABS and ARM for awarding our project and to Bats Without Borders Zambia for their support.

Awesome project!! 

My own curiosity here - how many different bat species are there in Zimbabwe?