discussion / Acoustic Monitoring  / 23 September 2022

Software to aid acoustic sound files visualization/labelling + Software to syncronize video/acoustic sonograms

Hi everybody!

I am currently trying to figure out if there is any open-source software that could improve our citizen science project on bat monitoring in Europe (and potentially worldwide). Our project aims to monitor bat populations across space and time using both citizen science and professional services, but we have some important limitations under the following situations:

- We have quite many acoustic files collected with AudioMoths and automatically pre-classified (with the species embedded in their metadata) that we would like to visualize (with the options of playback, taking some measurements such as peak freq. etc...) and correct the metadata if needed. We know that Kaleidoscope from Wildlife Acoustics does this job, but we were wondering if there is any user-friendly and open-source software that makes the same.

- In parallel we also have video-recordings of emerging bats from a cave + acoustic recordings of the same animals; collected with an IR camera and an AudioMoth simultaneously. We were wondering if there is any platform, software or solution to play/visualize them simultaneously (we need to visualise the video and the sonogram at the same speed in 2 different windows to confirm the emerging species).

If there is no solution, who would you recommend contacting to establish a collaboration to design them?

Thanks a lot in advance!