discussion / AI for Conservation  / 12 July 2023

Project Spotlight: Monitoring tropical freshwater fish in Kakadu National Park with drones, underwater cameras and AI

This was such a fantastic presentation in our June Variety Hour show. Andrew and his team are exploring applications of a whole range of technologies, anda are looking to share what they can for others to use. Watch to learn more about their work developinbg tools to monitor freshwater fish in Kakadu National Park. 

Link the the GitHub repository Andrew mentioned during the recording: https://github.com/ajansenn/BRUVNet

If you have questions for Andrew, please drop them below! 

During Andrew's talk, @dmorris put out a call in the chat that might be relevant to folks catching up on the video, so I'll drop it here too: 

Re: Andrew's fish work... part of the reason I got in touch with Andrew a few weeks ago is that I'm trying to keep track of public datasets and public models for marine video that have basically this gestalt (video where fish look fishy-ish). I think we're getting close to enough public data to train a general-purpose model that will work well across ecosystems. My running list of datasets is here:


Let me know if folks know of others!

There are also a grand total of two public models that I'm aware of that sort of fall into this category... one is Andrew's:


The other is:


If folks know of other publicly-available models, let me know about those too!