discussion / AI for Conservation  / 20 June 2022

MegaDetector v5 release

Some folks here have previously worked with our MegaDetector model for categorizing camera trap images as person/animal/vehicle/empty; we are excited to announce MegaDetector version 5.0, which provides a significant speedup (3x-4x) over MegaDetector v4, and - hopefully - increased accuracy in some of the scenarios that challenged MDv4.  

MDv5 represents a change in architecture, but more importantly, an expansion of our training data to include some of the situations that make MDv4 sad, particularly human-made objects that overlapped with animals, like bait posts and traps.  You can read a bit more about our training data here.

Looking forward to feedback from the community on where MDv5 shines, fails, or anywhere in between!

Great news Dan! We will be giving the model  a go on some of our new eradication projects soon