discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 14 June 2021

Looking for - Intelligence Database Software

I work for an anti-poaching organization (https://rhino-force.org/) with a reasonably successful intelligence arm that makes around ~70 wildlife-related arrests each year. We are looking to ramp up this side of our work and part of that is an easy-to-use, affordable database to store profiles of suspects, linking them to incidents, firearms, and more suspects. 

The functions I foresee would not be complex, things like:

- Flexible categories for data input

- Export/import to excel

- Entity and relationship visualisation

- Allows for temporal and spatial data e.g. views over certain time periods, maps with markers.

SMART Profiles would fulfill 90% of our desired functions but we find SMART profiles to be unfortunately quite slow even with low data. Does anyone know of a database program they would recommend? 

Thank you very much in advance!