discussion / Biologging  / 17 August 2022

Live Q&A Discussion on Ceres Tag: An animal monitoring Solution!

Hey Everyone,

Are you ready for this next Live Q&A Session?

 If you're looking for an effective animal monitoring solution, you might want to Join us here in a few minutes at 9am EAT|4pm AEST where Lewis Frost, COO of Ceres Tag, will help us unpack the IoT devices they have for animal monitoring.

In this session, Lewis will take us through the features of Ceres Tag, some of their interesting projects so far, some models on animal monitoring, factors to consider when choosing an animal monitoring tag, and much more! 

A few things you need to know about the Live Q&A session:

  • The session will be moderated, but you can ask questions during and after the session e.g. If you need clarification on a question/answer, you are free to ask. 
  • To ask a question that is linked to a specific answer, kindly always press the ‘Reply to @Frostl007' button, type in your question then save to post it.
  • To ensure a proper flow of the discussion, kindly be sure to use the 'Reply to @Frostl007' 
  • Before moving to each next question, we will give a ~3 minute window to allow you to ask any questions you have, but if you miss that window, you are totally okay asking the question afterwards.
  • If you have any trouble viewing the questions or replies, please try and Refresh the page  
  • If you are present in this session and don’t have any comments, we’d be very happy to see you react using an emoji so that we know you are following through the session!

I'm really looking forward to an amazing discussion!

Thank you,


Hello Lewis,

Before we start the session, could you kindly introduce yourself in a few sentences? :)


Great! Thank you so much for joining us today! 

To start us off: What is Ceres Tag and what are some of its features?


Now that we have a good idea of what Ceres Tag is, some of the features and your products, what do you think are some of the components that set Ceres Tag apart as an IoT solution to monitoring wildlife and livestock?