discussion / East Africa Community  / 15 August 2023

East Africa Community Monthly Catch ups: Share your ideas! 

Hello WILDLABS East Africa Community Members,

It has been lovely connecting with many of you in the past few months and getting to learn more about the extraordinary work you are doing across WILDLABS first regional hub in utilizing technology to address conservation-related issues specific to your natural landscapes. 

One of the things that has stood out in our conversations is your desire to connect 1:1 with other members of our vibrant regional community to share the projects you are working on while exchanging knowledge and ideas regarding the similarities and differences present across our biodiverse region. 

We have heard you and are excited to begin developing an East Africa Community Monthly Catch up Virtual Session with your contribution. As we embark on crafting these sessions, we'd love to hear directly from you. So, here's a thread to discuss and collate your ideas and thoughts: 

Feel free to jump in and tell us:

1. What weekday and time (EAT) at the start of each month works best to hold these sessions?

2. What would you like to see featured and discussed at these sessions?

3. How would you personally like to contribute towards these sessions? 

I'm really excited and looking forward to hearing all your great ideas and thoughts on this! Let us know your comments and suggestions in this thread or email me at: [email protected]

Thank you!

This is great to hear, thank you Esther! 

I would love to learn about project opportunities within this community and how I might be able to contribute given that I'm located in the US. 
I'd be happy to share my own experiences during these sessions, and ideas I have about what I personally would like to do in the future, I look forward to connecting with the rest of the community. 

Any weekday from 2:30p-5:00p EAT works well for me, very exciting!