discussion / Drones  / 31 March 2020

Drones for GIS Best practice Document


We've just released the latest version of our best practice document


General refresh and update based on knowledge acquired over the last couple of years

Checked links

Updated CAA regulations, drone model advice including Yuneec, sensor advice (including thermal), classification advice, hydrological modelling advice, and nest survey info


Hi Adrian,

I work for WCS and Co Chair if the IUCN Crocodile SPecialist Group for East and Southeast Asia. At this years CSG meeting we were going to hold a drone workshop for use in the field for crocodiles research and studies. One of the areas that was requested we discuss was best practices. The meeting was postponed due to the Covid 19 issue but we hope to hold it next May 2021. If you are interested in being a part of this workshop please get in touch.

Best regards,

Lonnie McCaskill

Hi Adrian,

I am new to join this community. However am very interested with the use of technology in natural resources conservation. Kindly put me as well in the loop not only in this training but even other as well as long as it aid value in natural resources conservation.




Hi Lonnie,

No problem from the RSPB's perspective in you using the Best practices paper. As Adrian said he has dealt with the mapping of the drone images. There are others in our organisation who know much more about the practical side to flying/limitations adn have explored different aveues wth UAV's so drop me a line if you need anymore information.

Best wishes