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Comparisons: Close-up Lenses for Camera Traps

Hey Guys!

We're setting up a camera trap within a woodpile to see what mammals enter/exit the nesting box we've included there. For this purpose, we'd need a camera trap with a close focus lense as well as the ability to download the data from the camera via USB cable (since the camera won't be accessible once its installed in the wood pile).

  • Bushnell NaureView (119740) does have a close up lense included but does not support downloading data via USB
  • Bushnell TrophyCam (119874) does support downloading data via USB but does not have a close up lense included.

Does anybody have a solution the solves both problems? What would help a lot would be if there was a attachable close up lense that can be bought seperatly, but I haven't found any yet.

Thanks in advance!


PS: Using a wireless transfer (WLAN / GSM) of the images is not an option

Thank you for publishing the question on witter, Steph! The reply came very fast. Here is Sue's (https://twitter.com/CameraTrapSue) full answer via DM:

you'll do fine if you order a set of close up lenses for regular cameras - they typically come in a +1, +2, +4 set. I've used these on my cameras as I can choose the focal distance.....

A +2 lens will focus around 2 feet,

me: so something like this would work?: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0073AMUGM/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_CZJvAbKH9QVMR

yes, those lenses would be great for close up work. I've been doing close up work with all of my cameras just using cheap reading glasses lenses and sticking them over the original lens, then just pull it off when I want to use regular camera distances.

The +2 will work for a foot distance, though you could try the +4 it will bring focus even closer. you will need to dampen the IR array to account for the focus being so close. I use womens hose - seriously - more of a sock really but it's black and 40 Denier, works a treat over the IR.

remember to keep the sensor that tells it when to switch from day to night open - unless in the woodpile it's always dark then it doesn't matter.

I would suggest coax seal to fix the lens to the camera as it hasn't failed me in 7 years of close up work in some terrible weather conditions.


Second the use of reading glass lenses to achieve close focus. I fix mine to the camera using magnetic mounts so it's easy to put on and off and also change lens strength. I use electrical tape to cover the IR for cameras that don't auto-adjust flash levels.