discussion / Camera Traps  / 9 February 2021

Best Camera Trap Models Database: Input Needed


Hi Wildlabbers,

We received a question from the National Geographic Exploration Technology Lab about the most popular low to mid-range camera trap models within our community right now.

Quite a lot of answers on this question are scattered throughout the forum from over the past five years, so now seems like a great time to make an up-to-date resource bank on what camera traps you all prefer for specific types of projects, and most importantly, why that camera trap works best for you!

Let us know what camera trap models you prefer, what types of projects, environments, or species you prefer them for, and why you'd recommend it. 

We'll compile your answers into a database for WILDLABS that can be updated over time with new models and uses.

Thanks, can't wait to see everyone's answers!