article / 20 October 2023

Restoring the Mara Elephant Population Using Coexistence Tech Solutions with Mara Elephant Project's Wilson Sairowua

Listen in on our interview with Mara Elephant Project’s Tracking Manager, Wilson Sairowua, as he explains how MEP is using software, geofencing and drone technologies to resolve human-elephant conflict across Maasai Mara.

As we continue exploring human-wildlife conflict challenges across East Africa and the accompanying stellar conservation technologies and tools that have been developed and adopted to promote coexistence and solve this issue among communities (you can read more about this in our article here), we sit down with Mara Elephant Project's Tracking Manager, Wilson Sairowua to explore how diverse technologies are helping to restore the elephant population in the Mara and the holistic solutions Wilson and his team are devising and adopting in collaboration with local communities to serve coexistence efforts across some of the most biodiverse landscapes across the region.

Wilson Sairowua 

Listen in on our exclusive interview with Wilson Sairowua, as he narrates the journey of restoring the elephant population across the Mara.

Wilson's story highlights the importance of holistic coexistence conservation technology solutions that incorporate local communities in the development and adoption of mitigating technologies towards effectively solving conservation related challenges with a contextual focus. Additionally, this story reinforces the need to train and upskill those working in conservation spaces on emerging tech tools to bolster conservation efforts across the most affected human-wildlife conflict areas.

If you'd like to learn more about the amazing coexistence work the Mara Elephant Project are doing, visit their website here.

In the meantime, stay tuned on WILDLABS to meet more East African conservation technology facilitators mitigating human-wildlife conflict across the region in new and innovative ways, and check out our article here for more information on other human-wildlife mitigation East African projects powered by conservation tech!

Thanks to Wilson Sairowua for talking with us, sharing photos and details about his work at MEP with the WILDLABS community!

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