We're looking to the future with Fellowships & Awards

The WILDLABS community is designed for conservation technology experts and future leaders with big ideas. WILDLABS Fellowships & Awards are designed to put funding and tools into the hands of those who can make big ideas into even bigger innovations.

The WILDLABS Fellowship & Award programme is built around a core belief that funding is only the first step in supporting current and future conservation technology leaders. We support emerging conservation technology innovators and leaders with Fellowship benefits like:

  • Funding toward your project’s development
  • Mentorships from experts in the technology field
  • Access to training, resources, and tools to power your project
  • A global platform to share and publish progress and results, and project coverage through WILDLABS’ and your fellowship sponsor’s various content channels
  • Access to the WILDLABS community’s network of conservation tech experts based around the world

Fellowship Poster

With tech partners who are excited by the possibilities of conservation tech and eager to provide awards and support to real conservation and tech development projects, WILDLABS Fellowships can fuel the creativity, collaborations, and bold out-of-the-box thinking that will drive conservation technology forward and shape our field’s bright future. 

Whether they’re accelerating the development of a new tech tool, putting their expertise to use in the field, building collaborative tools and content for the global conservation tech community, or exploring the possibilities of cutting-edge innovations, WILDLABS Fellows and Awardees will find the support they need to transform the intersection of conservation and technology.

Header image: Melanie Clapham, BearID