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How do I use conservation tech ethically?

Catch up on our Tech Tutors panel episode with Doug Clark, Trishant Simlai, Laure Joanny, and Koustubh Sharma, who discussed the question, "How do I use conservation tech ethically?" Watch the full session below and on Youtube, and check out the resources shared by our panelists and by Tech Tutors participants during the episode.

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Meet Your Tutors: Doug Clark, Laure Joanny, Trishant Simlai, and Koustubh Sharma

In this special panel episode of Tech Tutors, our presenters answered the following questions:

  • Doug Clark: How do I use conservation tech ethically? 
  • Laure JoannyHow do I build on existing tools and procedures to use conservation tech ethically?
  • Trishant Simlai: How does conservation tech cause harm? 
  • Koustubh SharmaHow do I manage ethical issues in the field? 

Click each presenter's name to view the recording from their individual lecture portion of the panel.

*Doug Clark stood in for original panelist Chris Sandbrook in this episode. We are updating the episode resources and Tech Tutors panelists questions to reflect Doug's experience. In the meantime, you can take a look at take a look at the open access papers on this subject by Sandbrook et al. and Sharma et al., and view other resources shared by Doug and participants of this episode below!

You can also view Doug's other Tech Tutors panel episode, How do I build a community-owned conservation tech research project?



Download a three-page beginner's guide to conservation ethics below. Thank you to Louis Cohen for creating this guide!

Our panel was very excited by the conversations sparked in this episode amongst participants. To continue the discussion, share more resources, and engage with our panels, visit this episode's forum thread here.

Presenter Resources (Research and Relevant Links)

Participant Resources

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