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How do I train my first machine learning model?

Our first WILDLABS Tech Tutor is Daniel Situnayake, who tackled the question: How do I train my first machine learning model?  To join one of our upcoming tutorials, visit the Tech Tutors series page. 

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About the Series

Introducing the WILDLABS Tech Tutors, our new series that focuses on answering the "how do I do that?" questions of conservation tech. Launched with the support of Microsoft AI for Earth, this series will give you the bite-sized, easy-to-understand building blocks you'll need to try new conservation technology, enhance your research, or DIY a project for the first time.

Taking place every Thursday, each Tech Tutor will present a 20 minute tutorial guiding you through an aspect of conservation tech, followed by a 10 minute live Q&A session with the audience.

For participants, the outcome will be an increased sense of confidence in their technological skills, the ability to actively build off of the skills discussed in these tutorials, and an opportunity to learn and collaborate with other members of the WILDLABS community. Our goal is to customize these tutorials to fit the needs of the community and address your needs, so let us know what you want to see in this season and beyond.

Can't make it? You can find every tutorial after it airs on our Youtube channel.

Meet your Tutor: Daniel Situnayake, Edge Impulse

Dan leads embedded machine learning engineering at Edge Impulse, a platform that allows any developer to train machine learning models that run on tiny, low-power devices. He's the author of the O'Reilly book TinyML: Machine Learning with TensorFlow Lite on Arduino and Ultra-Low-Power Microcontrollers, leads embedded machine learning development at Edge Impulse Inc., and helps organize the global TinyML meetup community. He has previously worked on the TensorFlow team at Google, as CEO of Tiny Farms Inc., and as a lecturer in Automatic Identification and Data Capture technologies at Birmingham City University.

We asked Dan...

What will I learn in this episode?

  • What machine learning is, and how it can help us better understand our planet
  • Why machine learning on tiny devices is a transformative technology
  • How to train a machine learning model that can recognize different types of bird songs
  • How to think like a machine learning engineer

How can I learn more about this subject?

  • To train your own audio classification model, follow the tutorial here.
  • To learn more about machine learning on embedded devices, check out our TinyML book (first few chapters are free!)
  • For a highly technical deep dive into machine learning, I'm a big fan of this book.

If I want to take the next step using this technology, where should I start?

A great way to start is by following these Edge Impulse tutorials:

What advice do you have for a complete beginner in this subject?

A lot of developers think they have to learn everything about how machine learning works before they can use it in their projects. This was true a few years ago, but it's not true today! There are plenty of great high-level tools available, so focus on learning what you need in order to solve your specific problem. And don't be afraid to ask the community for help—machine learning Twitter is very friendly.

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