article / 14 November 2023

Tracking the Strides: Reticulated Giraffe in Mugie Conservancy

A Journey into Understanding Reticulated Giraffe Population Dynamics in the Enchanting Landscape of Mugie Conservancy


In an exciting program on Women in Conservation Technology - Kenya offered by WILDLABS and Fauna Flora, ARM joined forces to offer a valuable seed grant to the successful 15 women participants to start on their various pitched projects. 

In a Journey into Understanding Reticulated Giraffe Population Dynamics in The Mugie Conservancy, the ongoing research project, now in its six months, has yielded fascinating insights into the lives of these magnificent creatures and the challenges they face in their natural habitat.

Progress and Findings

The seed grant has played an instrumental role in facilitating groundbreaking research on reticulated giraffes in Mugie Conservancy. A dedicated team of wildlife biologists, ecologists and conservationists from Twiga Walinzi and Mugie tourism partners  have  embarked on an extensive study to assess the population dynamics of these giraffes, with a particular focus on factors such as population size, distribution patterns, and ecological interactions. Through meticulous data collection methods such as camera trapping and direct observations, the research team has been able to gain valuable insights into the behavior and movement patterns of reticulated giraffes. Preliminary findings point towards a stable but vulnerable population, with indications of slight decline compared in 2020 when we had our first rapid assessment. This has raised concerns about potential threats, including prolonged drought , Infrastructure development, habitat degradation, poaching, and human-wildlife conflict. Furthermore, the study has shed light on the importance of Mugie Conservancy as a critical stronghold for reticulated giraffes. With the findings suggesting a significant population within the conservancy boundaries, it highlights the urgent need for effective conservation measures that prioritize habitat protection and sustainable land-use practices.


The seed grant provided  has been instrumental in propelling the research on reticulated giraffe population dynamics in Mugie Conservancy. The project is well on its way to delivering crucial insights into the challenges facing these iconic creatures and the steps needed to safeguard their future. As the study continues to unfold, efforts to raise awareness, foster collaboration, and drive effective conservation actions become even more critical. Together, we can ensure the long-term survival of reticulated giraffes and safeguard the rich biodiversity of Mugie Conservancy for generations to come.

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