article / 23 February 2023

New guidance - Good practice for ecoacoustic monitoring

We're very pleased to announce the publication of new 'Good practice guidelines for long-term ecoacoustic monitoring in the UK', produced by Manchester Metropolitan University, Baker Consultants Ltd and a great team of co-authors, on behalf of the UK Acoustics Network.

Good practice guidelines for long-term ecoacoustic monitoring in the UK

The new guidelines aim to advise on the use of the rapidly developing ecoacoustics approach for collecting and analysing environmental data, offering the potential for vital long-term biodiversity monitoring and ecosystem management.

The guidelines advise on hardware, software and study design choices, providing evidence-based recommendations on deployments, data analysis, and metadata requirements.

As well as being used for nature, rewilding and biodiversity conservation, the ecoacoustic guidelines will enable scaleable approaches to monitoring for agri-environment schemes and regenerative agriculture.

We hope that the guidelines help simplify and synthesize ecoacoustic science, allowing a range of non-specialists to consider using the approach to provide monitoring on their sites and projects.

The guidelines are available for download on ResearchGate

Cover of guidelines

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