article / 5 May 2023

GRO is the story of what on Earth is going on

Why you should know about Kenya-founded data analytics company - Gro Intelligence, arguably the largest funded tech startup within the African startup ecosystem and the only platform that brings together live, global data across climate, agriculture, and the economy.

About Gro

Curated by human intelligence and scaled through artificial intelligence, Gro Intelligence is built to illuminate the interrelationships between the Earth's ecology and the global economy, so you can develop a holistic understanding of how your end-to-end business is impacted - and act on these insights. It was founded in 2014 in Nairobi by CEO, Ethiopian entrepreneur Sara Menker and now has offices across New York and Singapore. 

Gro Intelligence has raised more than $125 million in funding, the largest yet raised within the African tech startup ecosystem by an African-led tech startup. In 2021, Gro was listed as one of TIME's 100 Most Influential Companies.

World's most powerful data and analytics platform for agriculture, climate, and the economy

The team at Gro has built a platform bringing together live, interconnected data with machine learning so companies, financial institutions, and governments can develop a holistic understanding of how their business is impacted - and act on these insights. Gro's data and analytics examine the intersectional effects of supply, climate, demand, and price to enable their customers to make decisions with confidence - and “see around the corner.” 

The four pillars of this platform that set it apart:
  1. Global Data 

    Vast amounts of agricultural, climate, and economic data sorted according to our proprietary ontology.

  2. Domain Expertise

    Curated by human intelligence. Domain experts who work closely with engineers and data scientists.

  3. Artificial Intelligence

    Unparalleled AI and predictive modeling capabilities with a 7-year track record and high accuracy.

  4. Transparency

    Transparency and neutrality across all models and methodologies.

How it all started

Watch Sara Menker's 2017 TED Talk on how the journey to figuring out how the global value chain of agriculture works led her to startling discoveries that have influenced Gro Intelligence's work.

We could have a tipping point in global food and agriculture if surging demand surpasses the agricultural system's structural capacity to produce food...people could starve and governments may fall. - Sara Menker 

How Gro was built

Listen in on a conversation between Guy Raz on HIBT Lab and Sara Menker as she details the evolution and growth of Gro. 

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See how:

  • Gro yield models predict corn and soy yields 6 months before the USDA
  • Drought can be incorporated into your short- and long-term strategies
  • Current market-moving events could impact your business objectives

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