article / 23 February 2023

The Arbimon newsletter is back! 

Rainforest Connection (RFCx) is bringing back the Arbimon newsletter for 2023! We're excited to share new features and tools of the platform, what's coming up, and some insights into our projects on bioacoustic monitoring.

Happy New Year from the Rainforest Connection (RFCx) Arbimon team! We're bringing back the Arbimon newsletter for 2023, which we plan to send out every couple of months. 

Each newsletter will have a few recurring sections that highlight new features, showcase projects, existing resources, and other Arbimon updates. In this first newsletter, we’re announcing Arbimon Insights, a data visualization tool that translates your raw audio detections to interactive snapshots of key biodiversity metrics for your projects and target species. Our featured project will take you to the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, where we’re working with WeForest and IPÊ to monitor biodiversity in reforestation sites. 

The newsletters will be posted on the RFCx blog, but if you’d like to join the RFCx Arbimon community and receive these newsletters in your inbox, subscribe here!


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