Hi everyone,

I have a LIDAR sensor (LIDAR USA-Fagerman Technologies-Velodyne puck) and a DJI M-600  drone. I would like to use the two in conjunction. I believe that the drone is able to lift the weight of the sensor, but I was hoping someone could give me some advice on house the drone... (read more)

Cheers Al, and looking forward to hearing more about them. I am, as we speak, editing some thermal videos of wallaby behaviour near roads, specifically in relation to devices that activate  lights and sounds when a car is approaching (activated by vehicle headlights at night). Used a Flir 640R,... (read more)

hi Stephen, 

Kites have gimbals too (ranging from simple strings to metal rigs) and you can connect to a camera much like a drone. In my case I have a gimbal hanging on a string, and to connect to my camera I get live connection and can change settings with the GoPro app! this website... (read more)

Hi Mazidi, all the systems that I recommended are separate systems with their own GPS, not connected to the drone.

Just the last one was the only finished product.

Good luck. Please tell us if you found something good and cheap! (read more)

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the interest in the project.

The load carrying capacity will be a few kgs. The battery I've sized at this stage is around 2kgs and should allow it to fly over night, but if this storage is increased in future it will impact the other loads. It is a tricky... (read more)