Hi Tim and also Thomas

Thanks for your comments. It is fantastic that there have been so many replies to this thread in response to the request for thoughts, clarifications and questions on this topic.

I’m available on email. You can reach me directly via WILDLABS messages.... (read more)

Hi Richard, I've been working with Kerinci Seblat National Park in Sumatra for the  better part of 20 years focusing primarily to countering tiger and other wildlife poaching and IWT in/around one of the largest national parks in Asia, might be good to talk, at very least you would have a better... (read more)

Hi Ollie,

Thanks for joining this discussion. You make some good points that my co-authors and I will definitely discuss. On consent, I take your point but I work in a region where one cannot conduct research without local approval which is built into mandatory governmental research... (read more)