Hi Eric!

I'm a PhD student who works in Madagascar, great to hear of others working in the area! I use passive acoustic monitoring to study lemurs in the southeastern rainforest corridor. I'd love to talk more about your project! Where in Mada are you deploying?

I 100% get the... (read more)

My guess is that the camera triggering will prove to be far less of a challenge than getting ethical approval for penning livestock where predators can reach them. If you have such a high rate of wolf attacks in free-ranging flocks then you can directly measure the decrease in rate of attacks in... (read more)

The UFO project is an H2020 programme dedicated to supporting the development of innovative products and services by integrating Small Flying Objects (SFOs: drones, high altitude platforms systems, small satellites), with Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in a number of sectors including the... (read more)

Hi Akiba,

I made a mistake, I did manage to find some +/-0.05 degC thermistors for USD4 on Digikey, so the USD9 figure can be feasible in low quantitites.  I actually bought a bunch of the thermistors you linked to; the part variation is quite high so calibration is needed to get good... (read more)

I need to play a loop of sound to desensitize animals for project. The system needs to be solar powered 24/7 for 2-3 months. I have solar powered speakers that work. I have solar panels that keep things running. Have been expermenting with mp3 players but they keep loosing ability to charge... (read more)

Hi Damien,

Lora technology enables a range of very efficient solutions that you can deploy over a large area. We provide consultancy and field support for deploying such networks and work with Arribada team on developing custom hardware solutions for various applications in the... (read more)

Hello, this device looks really interesting...has anyone tryed? what brand is it? how much does it cost? what's the range of the speakers? what kind of sound does it makes? I've use foxlights and niteguard...I think animals eventually will get use to it and avoid the repelling device or simply... (read more)