Hi Akiba,

I made a mistake, I did manage to find some +/-0.05 degC thermistors for USD4 on Digikey, so the USD9 figure can be feasible in low quantitites.  I actually bought a bunch of the thermistors you linked to; the part variation is quite high so calibration is needed to get good... (read more)

Thanks Kate - that's really helpful. The company in question are investors in an emerging high-end aquaculture venture and I assume their interest is around utilising individual fish tracking to drive greater efficiency i.e. to adjust feed inputs, estimate growth rates, detect disease etc. all... (read more)

I wanted to post a resource for all who may be interested. The National Whistleblower Center is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that has worked for over 30 years to promote whistelblower rights and protections through a variety of avenues, including litigation, legislative advocacy, and... (read more)

The Okinawa Prefectural Government recently released this summary report on the symposium on Henoko-Oura Bay, in Okinawa Japan, organized by the Nature Conservation Society of Japan.

It was sent to us and I thought that it might be of particular interest to those in this group. It... (read more)

We are starting to deploy buoys to demarcate no entry, no-take zones in a recently declared Marine Fisheries Management Area in Cambodia, and would like advice on materials and design for the marker buoy attachment and anchoring system.

We have 1 m diameter and  0.6 m high cyclindrical... (read more)

Hi Steph,

Sorry for the late reply as I have other commitments currently. 

In our case, we are using facial scales pattern because we found out that each individual have a distinctive scutes pattern (number, position & shape) on their face. Fins pattern are usable as well for... (read more)

Algae technology is central to innovation to conserve biodiversity against the threats of climate change.  I am part of a global scientific group called Ocean Foresters.  Our proposed Haven Atoll system aims to use algae to help save coral biodiversity and reduce ocean acidity. We are seeking... (read more)