Hi Carly,

thanks for mentioning EURAXESS, did not know that.

Im on linkedin and twitter - although I'm not in a city hub like NYC or others, so sometimes I find difficult to actually make a "real connection", get to know the person, possibly cheers together, and work together.... (read more)

Thank you VERY much for that, Carly. I really appreciate it. I have only heard of the bear research project and was not aware of the others. This is very helpful.

FYI: Most studies I am aware of use ML with facial recognition software. I am interested to find out if there are recognition... (read more)

Dear all Wildlabs members,

If you are a biologist, scientist, researcher or conservationist, please help us fill out the survey or connect us to both institutions that you know or your friends and colleagues for our research “Science and technology application for Wildlife Conservation... (read more)

Thanks Kate - that's really helpful. The company in question are investors in an emerging high-end aquaculture venture and I assume their interest is around utilising individual fish tracking to drive greater efficiency i.e. to adjust feed inputs, estimate growth rates, detect disease etc. all... (read more)