Hi Eric!

I'm a PhD student who works in Madagascar, great to hear of others working in the area! I use passive acoustic monitoring to study lemurs in the southeastern rainforest corridor. I'd love to talk more about your project! Where in Mada are you deploying?

I 100% get the... (read more)

The talk is really interesting and I agree that it's important to think about the bigger issues of the world and then use technology as just one of the tools to try and tackle them.  (read more)

Hi everyone.

Excited to be part of this group especially since IoT can pretty much trace it's roots to wildlife monitoring. I've actually been involved in sensor networks since 2003. One of the seminal papers that kind of kicked off wireless sensor networking was the Great Duck Island... (read more)

Will your startup be involved in sensor networks for conservation? I'm very interested. Currently we create sensor networks for developmental infrastructure and agriculture and am curious about using it for wildlife monitoring and conservation. (read more)

Hi everyone.

I'm Akiba and I'm an engineer by trade specializing in wireless sensor networks and communications. I generally work with groups like World Bank on technology for development and we are working with UNESCO and other organizations to put on an ICT4D (Information and... (read more)

That's great Jason.  I think your approach can be very successful.  I'm a little bit familiar with Wild Book through my contacts at IBEIS, who I believe you work with quite closely.  I'd love to see how the work we are doing at Internet of Elephants can incorporate whale shark data.  I'll... (read more)