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Dear Members, If you are a biologist, scientist, researcher or conservationist, please help us fill out the survey or connect us to... (read more)

Thanks Kate - that's really helpful. The company in question are investors in an emerging high-end aquaculture venture and I assume their interest is around utilising individual fish tracking to drive greater efficiency i.e. to adjust feed inputs, estimate growth rates, detect disease etc. all... (read more)

"Residents of the Forest" Series: New episode brings images of the giant armadillo, the largest and rarest armadillo of the world The Amazon’s armadillos are the protagonists of the eighth episode of the series "Residents of the Forest". The new set of unpublished and exclusive images captured... (read more)

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Lora technology enables a range of very efficient solutions that you can deploy over a large area. We provide consultancy and field support for deploying such networks and work with Arribada team on developing custom hardware solutions for various applications in the... (read more)

I'm honored to be part of this WILDLABS group and specifically this Camera Trap forum. I hope that what I've learned weekly over the past 14 years will help others. Most of my work in Colorado has been focused on mountain lions. I was face bumped by a male mountain lion 14 years ago in the Never... (read more)