Algorithmic conservation in a changing climate

This article reviews the intersection of two trends that are simultaneously reshaping environmental conservaiton: Climate change and the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. 

Date published: 2021/09/17

Title: Algorithmic conservation in a changing climate

Authors: Caleb Scoville, Melissa Chapman, Razvan Amironesei, Carl Boettiger

Journal: Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Citation: Scoville, C., Chapman, M., Amironesei, R., & Boettiger, C. (2021). Algorithmic conservation in a changing climate. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 51, 30-35.

Open Access: No. PDF uploaded to researchgate by lead author here


  • Climate change and artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping conservation.
  • AI has applications in climate science, mitigation, and adaptation.
  • AI is particularly consequential in the governance of changing biological systems.
  • Dynamic optimization and predictive enforcement change conservation’s temporality.
  • These changes pose ethical dilemmas and redistribute and create new power relations.

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