Snapshot USA Symposium for Student Research

Are you a student using Snapshot USA data in research and class projects? Present your work (and Mammal Memes) at the Snapshot USA Student Research Symposium! Taking place on November 13th from 1-3 PM EST, this is your chance to virtually present a poster, lightning talk, graphical abstract, tableau visualizations, or anything else! 

The WILDLABS community is also welcome to tune into the symposium to see how students are using Snapshot USA data in their work and get to know other early career conservationists and students!

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Date published: 2020/10/27

Snapshot USA Symposium for Student Research

Friday 13th November, 1-3 pm EST.

This event will allow student to present their results from class projects using Snapshot USA data and images. Students will also evaluate each other’s work using a standardized peer review form, which will be shared with the presenter’s work. Discussion during the meeting will take place live on the Snapshot USA Slack channel.

Draft Agenda:

*1:00 pm: Welcome and Keynote: Snapshot USA Staff

*1:20 pm: Student Presentations


*Lightning Talks (5pm)

*Graphical Abstracts

*Tableau Visualizations

*Whatever else you want to present!

*2:30: Mammal Memes review and awards

*3:00: End

You can use this form here to register your presentation and provide a link to the video or graphic.

If you want to make a Mammal Meme, you should check out the full collection of ‘favorite’ pictures from Snapshot USA here, or the smaller collection here.

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