Margo Gadfly: A Versatile Wildlife Deterrent

Margo Supplies is excited to introduce the WILDLABS community to the Margo Gadfly, a new tool tested for its ability to prevent human-wildlife conflict!

Read about how this hardware works, and how it protected livestock from mountain lions in one successful field test.

Date published: 2021/03/31

Margo Supplies is excited to introduce the WILDLABS community to the Margo Gadfly, a new tool tested for its ability to prevent human-wildlife conflict! 

The Margo Gadlfy has been tested on a variety of species and in multiple environments so far. In the featured video, you can see this hardware in action in one especially successful field test conducted with the help of landowner Iris Gadunov in Cazadero, California, who received Gadfly units from a conservation agency when an increased mountain lion presence on her property threatened her livestock. 

Once the units were installed, the conservation agency continued to monitor the area. They soon noticed the patterns of the mountain lions had changed, and that these carnivores were avoiding her property. Using the Gadfly, they were able to steadily deter the lions from the area. According to the data from this case, The Gadfly kept the mountain lion away for 254 hours.

The experience helped Iris and other landowners in the area realize that there are often more effective non-lethal solutions to carnivore conflict. Conservation groups and game agencies have had success by providing the Gadfly to people like Iris who are experiencing wildlife conflict. 

Tested in both arctic and rainforest environments and everything in between, the Margo Gadfly is great to deter both small and large animals without requiring regular maintenance. The Gadfly works well as a quick response to many kinds of wildlife conflict with mammals as it is simple, affordable, and easy to set up.


About the Margo Gadfly

The Margo Gadfly is effective at scaring a large variety of wildlife with its motion-activated siren alarm and flashing scare eye. Portable, sturdy and weather-resistant, the Gadfly protects against most mammals. From deterring elk from feeding on haystacks, deer eating in vegetable gardens or even cougars from attacking livestock, the Gadfly does it all. Protect your land and other assets from predators, wildlife, and other animals with a universal, and affordable solution. Named after a fly that bites livestock, the Gadfly is a nuisance to animals, making favorable areas undesirable for habitation, feeding or interfering with your property. 


How It Works 

When an animal is within range of the Gadfly, the motion-detector will trigger a combination of piercing wailing and flashing red predator lights, signaling to animals that trespassing in this area is dangerous. 

The Design

The Gadfly was designed with every environment in mind. Utilizing a rugged and solar-powered design allows for portable and reliable placement, wherever you may need to keep wildlife away. The adjustable sensitivity and multiple light settings allow the user to customize their wildlife deterrent strategy with ease. 




The Gadfly Alarm detects movement at a 160-degree angle with a low sensitivity of ~3m (10ft) and a high sensitivity range of ~11m (35ft) away.  


Up to 105dB sirens with three different modes. 

A variable sensitivity switch allows users to fine-tune the alarm to their ideal conditions. 

See the Margo Gadfly's full specifications here, and read more about Margo Supplies' tools on their blog.

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