Join the sixth annual #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge!

Join the sixth annual WILDLABS #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge from February 24th through World Wildlife Day on March 3rd to share your conservation tech work with us! 

Use the hashtag #Tech4Wildlife throughout the week to show us how you're using conservation tech!

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Date published: 2021/02/24


Today is the start of our sixth annual #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge

Are you using #Tech4Wildlife? We want to hear about it! Take a photo, share it on Twitter with the #Tech4Wildlife hashtag and tag us @WILDLABSNET, and tell us about how you're using tech in the field or the lab. This is your chance to show off all the diverse and innovative ways you are using technology for wildlife conservation. 

Every year we've run this challenge, we discover new ways our community is pushing technology to provide better tools to help us understand, monitor and protect our natural world. Through #Tech4Wildlife, we've connected with members using biologging tags to collect orca movement data in Norway, a collaborative camera trap project that studied predator/prey relationships by using auditory cues in the Serengti, ROVS and drones surveying for ghost gear underwater in Myanmar, machine learning and passive acoustic monitoring to study bat populations in Kenya, camera traps monitoring jaguar and river otters in the Bolivian Amazon, camera collars to capture behavioral data of bears in America, and much more! 

So we want to know, how are you using #Tech4Wildlife?  


See the full #Tech4Wildlife feed on our photo wall.

To join in this year's challenge, all you need to do is: 

1. Take a photo of how you are using tech to help wildlife (or find an old favourite photo from past field seasons)

2. Share it on Twitter: tell us a bit about your work and the tech featured

3. Remember to use the hashtag #Tech4Wildlife and tag us at @WILDLABSNET

Please help us get the word out by retweeting our launch tweet and sharing the photo challenge with your conservation networks. 

All week, we will collate entries into this Twitter timeline and feature them on WILDLABS. We'll also be using the WILDLABS twitter account to showcase the work of members who have particiapted in past years, so keep an eye out to see if you are featured! 

On Wednesday March 3rd, we'll celebrate World Wildlife Day and highlight the very best images shared in the 2021 #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge. Make sure you share your photos before March 3rd to be considered for the #Tech4Wildlife honours list.

We can't wait to see all the ways you're using #Tech4Wildlife!


Header image credit: Save the Elephants joined the 2020 challenge to share their #Tech4Wildlife work pioneering elephant tracking technology, which is now being used in 12 countries to monitor over 400 elephants. The data from elephant collars helps us understand their behaviour so that we're able to help secure their future. (Frank af Petersens / @Ste_Kenya)

Banner image credit: Our 2019 #Tech4Wildlife champion Regina Eisert has impressed us over the years with her incredible Antarctic whale photos. In 2020, Regina shared this photo of herself filming killer whales from the ice. 

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