Grant Opportunity: Con X Tech Prize

Conservation X Labs's annual competition, the Con X Tech Prize, is now open for submissions! This year's theme is Behavior Change, meaning the entries can focus on a wide range of major conservation issues through the development of innovative technologies, ventures, products, or tools. 20 teams will win $3,500 grants to develop their first prototypes, and the winning team will be awarded the grand prize of $20,000. Teams are encouraged to collaborate across disciplines to create truly unique and scalable solutions.

Submit entries by May 4th 2020.

Date published: 2020/04/09

The 2020 Con X Tech Prize is open!

Got a bold idea to help end human-induced extinction? With $70,000 for prototypes and $20,000 for one Grand Prize winner, the Con X Tech Prize lets you bring your idea from blueprint to reality.

Submit by May 4 for your shot to win $3,500 to prototype your bold conservation idea.

Full competition details can be found here.

This Year’s CXTP Topics


CXL welcomes project submissions that propose tools or products that use behavior change tactics to impact any pressing conservation challenge. These solutions should move beyond initiatives or campaigns, to propose ideas for technologies, ventures, products, or tools with behavior change at the core of their theory of change.

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Participants can submit any novel, tech-enabled conservation solution idea. Participants must identify and articulate a specific problem to which their solution applies, which will improve the quality of the submission as well as the success of the tech-idea overall.

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The Prize

Conservation X Labs is seeking bold ideas for technology solutions to conservation challenges. Aimed specifically at projects teams that are considering their first prototype, the Con X Tech Prize is granting 20 prototyping awards of $3,500 each to take your idea from blueprint to reality.

CXL is seeking novel and transformative tools to conserve the world’s biodiversity and end human-induced species extinctions. We will support ideas that help decision-makers, conservationists, consumers, resource managers, and policy makers understand and act on conservation problems.

We believe in radical collaboration, and the strongest solutions and project teams will draw from a handful of disciplines (e.g., behavioral sciences, engineering, computer science, molecular science, economics) and consider the impact, sustainability (financial and environmental), and scalability of their solution from the very beginning. We want to move from merely monitoring changing landscapes and species populations, to developing tangible solutions and creating real-life impact. We welcome hardware and software submissions, as well as any impactful solution idea that is enabled by technology and helps achieve a conservation outcome.

The potential benefits of your proof-of-concept can’t be understated; it can help your team validate a project idea, launch a successful crowdfunding campaign, net a strategic partnership, or even raise a successful seed investment.

But it doesn’t stop at the prototype. The 20 winners of the first stage of the competition will go on to compete in the Second Stage for the Grand Prize of $20,000!

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Enter the Con X Tech Prize Competition!

Start your submission today and be part of the conservation revolution on the Digital Makerspace.

First, complete a project application to create a project on the Digital Makerspace.
Once approved by the Digital Makerspace Community Manager, submit your project to the Con X Tech Prize to be considered for a prototyping grant.

Entries must be submitted by May 4, 2020.

Start your entry here.

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