Join us at the Tech Hub Showcase event ot hear how our winners are using technology to scale their solutions to the illegal wildlife trade. The event will take place at Digital Catapult, 101 Euston Road, London, on the 29th of May.

Date published: 2019/05/17

The illegal wildlife trade threatens the very existence of species such as tigers, rhino, and pangolins. Technology offers hope in the battle against this destructive illegal market.

The WILDLABS Tech Hub is helping advance innovative solutions taking on the illegal wildlife trade. It brings together the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Digital Catapult, Satellite Applications Catapult, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and six international conservation partners supporting WILDLABS.NET. From this network, the solutions have access to a wide range of resources, including technical consultation with cloud experts, business model design sprints, and connection to in-field labs for testing and feedback.

This showcase is an opportunity to hear first-hand how these solutions are scaling their technology, and achieving sustainability, in the drive to make a lasting difference. From cutting-edge forensic technology and open hardware, to cloud-enabled data aggregation and satellite networks, the participants in the WILDLABS Tech Hub represent a diverse and inspiring cross-section of approaches:

  • An IoT and web platform that can transmit images from remote cameras or live video streams to AI modules which search for relevant threats (people, vehicles, animals), and can alert users in real time.
  • A constellation of lightweight and low cost satellites to track tiny, low cost sensors deployed on animals, vehicles, etc. Real-time, accurate satellite-based location tracking anywhere, at low cost.
  • Open-source acoustic hardware and software for environmental & wildlife monitoring, with existing applications including automating the search for an elusive insect species, monitoring poaching by gunshot, and listening for ultrasonic bat calls.
  • A fingerprint database available internationally for the storage and search of fingerprints from people involved in or believed to be involved in wildlife crime and fingermarks from wildlife crime scenes.

As well as their journey and progress to date, you will learn about advances in the conservation technology sector, what the future holds for these solutions, and how you can get involved.

You can register for the event here.