Webinar: Drones for Change

Interested in the changing role that drones can play in addressing major environmental and social challenges? Check out this free Wikifactory panel webinar, "Drones for Change: How UAV’s and Robotics are being deployed to solve global challenges.

Join this lineup of drone and tech experts tomorrow, October 8th, at 10:30 AM ET/3:30 BST by registering here!

Date published: 2020/10/07

How are UAV's and robotics being used to solve our most pressing global challenges? In this virtual roundtable, Wikifactory will be engaging with organisations, developers and activists to discuss how robotics and drone technologies are being deployed to help solve some of our most urgent social and environmental issues. 



  • Patrick Meier: CEO & Co-founder of WeRobotics / Flying Labs
  • Tom Quigley: Community Manager at ConservationX Labs
  • Lot Amorós: Founder and Lead Developer at Dronecoria
  • Christina Rebel: Co-founder at Wikifactory
  • Moderator: Nicolò Gnecchi, Community and Partnerships Lead at Wikifactory

At Wikifactory we support open innovation to allow greater access to these technologies.

Join us to explore how drones can be deployed for search and rescue, reforestation, mine disposal; as well as in medical and humanitarian emergencies.

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