Online Workshop: Conservation Technology

On Friday, March 27th, meet the Hack the Poacher team in this free online webinar to discuss the latest innovations in conservation technology. This interactive event offers the opportunity to make connections in the conservation tech field, brainstorm collaborative efforts for projects, and pitch these ideas to your peers. You'll also learn about Hack the Poacher's innovative prototypes for an advanced sensing network capable of tracking poachers in national parks via cellphone. This free event was originally planned as a session for SXSW 2020 in Austin, and is now being made available to all through Zoom. Register today to join the conversation!

Date published: 2020/03/23

Did you know the COVID-19 pandemic is caused by illegal wildlife markets? This is just one example of how we seriously need to evaluate our relationship with (endangered) animals. At Hack The Planet we work together with WWF in the area of (wildlife) conservation. We are constantly looking for new and additional ways to step up our game.

You can help us explore new ideas on how to use technology and super-charge conservation efforts. Join us in this online workshop and contribute to wildlife conservation!

Register for this workshop on Zoom.

For more information on anti-poaching efforts we are working on with WWF, visit


The online workshop will start at 17:00 CET (05:00 PM in Amsterdam), March 27 2020. (To convert timezones for your region, visit this website.)

The following is an approximate breakdown of this workshop:
20 min - Presentation about the challenge of wildlife conservation and current initiatives
10 min - Discuss the challenges
15 min - Ideation and brainstorm (in small groups)
15 min - Pitch ideas
5 min - Wrap-up and virtual toast

Hack the Poacher is developing an innovative system for preventing wildlife crime in 20 national parks in Africa, and have partnered with WWF to make this system a reality. Interested in learning about this and other #tech4wildlife projects from Hack the Planet? Visit them on Twitter.

Looking to collaborate on your own project to prevent wildlife crime? Share your idea in our forum!

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