Explorer Classroom: Gautam Shah

Join National Geographic Explorer Gautam Shah in NatGeo's Explorer Classroom on May 21st at 2PM EDT. Gautam will discuss Internet of Elephants' latest project, Wildeverse, a mobile game that brings primate conservation to life through an innovative blend of AR technology and storytelling. 

This online event is free, and is ideal for both students and the general public who are interested in how video games can make a positive impact on conservation.

Watch here at 2PM EDT on May 21st. 

Students and classrooms may also register in advance here for the chance to ask Gautam questions on-screen during the live broadcast.

To learn more about Gautam's work, read our recent WILDLABS feature on the creation of Wildeverse.

Date published: 2020/05/19

Conservation Video Games

Gautam Shah

May 21st | 2:00PM ET


Gautam Shah produces video games and digital experiences to connect people with wildlife and nature. Join to learn what it means to create conservation digital experiences and get an exclusive behind the scenes look at it all. 

Watch here at 2 PM EDT on May 21st.

Classrooms and students can register here.

Find classroom resources and further reading here.

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About Gautam Shah

Gautam Shah is the founder of Internet of Elephants, a social enterprise that develops groundbreaking digital tools to engage people with wildlife. For most his life, living in the United States, India, Argentina and Kenya, he’s had incredible experiences with wildlife around the world, but no positive impact on that wildlife. In 2014, Shah decided to change that and quit his job of 20 years as an IT consultant at Accenture to pursue new ways that technology could be used towards wildlife conservation.

Through unique mobile games, augmented reality and data visualizations that use GPS and other data gathered about individual animals, Internet of Elephants tells the stories of individual animals studied by conversation organizations and individuals all over the world. In doing so, Shah hopes to catalyze whole new approaches to engaging the public with wildlife.

He is still ruining his back and his eyesight behind a desk and a laptop, but at least he is using his background and experience towards what is most important. Shah lives in Nairobi with his wife and newborn daughter.

Visit Internet of Elephants to learn more about Gautam Shah's latest project, Wildeverse.

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