Event: Arm’s AI Virtual Tech Sessions

Want to sharpen your machine learning skills and get advice from experts on getting started with tinyML development? Arm's new AI Virtual Tech Sessions for Software Developers will walk you through a series of demos and give you new techniques to incorporate into your machine learning projects. Sessions take place every Tuesday through August.

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Date published: 2020/06/09

Introducing Arm’s AI Virtual Tech Sessions for Software Developers


Technical, hands-on training, demos and insights

The series begins with six talks focusing on tinyML; machine learning techniques and practices for building applications on constrained low-power IoT microcontrollers. From efficiently implementing ML on the NXP i.MX RT1060 crossover MCU, to using Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers and training models in high-level libraries such as Pytorch, the series has something for all embedded and machine learning developers.

We want to help you gain new insights, sharpen your skills, and connect you with some of our industries top machine learning experts. Each talk will include a demo or tutorial, walking you through the necessary steps to get started with tinyML development, as well as a Q&A with the speakers.

The schedule

We have just published the first series of tech talks on our website and we are releasing new talks every month. Talks take place on Tuesday's at 8am PT, 4pm BST and 11pm CST. Here is a summary of the scheduled sessions:

June 16

Machine learning for embedded systems at the edge

Anthony Huereca, Systems Engineer, Edge Processing, NXP; Kobus Marneweck, Senior Product Manager, Arm

June 30

tinyML development with Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers and CMSIS-NN

Fredrik Knutsson, technical lead, Arm

July 14

Demystify artificial intelligence on Arm MCUs

Francois de Rochebouet, CTO and co-founder, Cartesiam.ai

July 28

Speech recognition on Arm Cortex-M

Vikrant Tomar, founder and CTO, Fluent.ai; Sam Myer, lead developer, Fluent.ai

August 11

Getting started with Arm Cortex-M software development and Arm Development Studio

Pareena Verma, Principal Solutions Architect, Arm

August 25

Efficient ML across Arm from Cortex-M to Web Assembly

Jan Jongboom, CTO, Edge Impulse

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