A technologist's journey to protect wildlife: The reality and potential of conservation technology (recorded talk)

Ted Schmitt joined us for a lunchtime lecture in which he shared his experiences working across Africa the past five years with protected area managers, anti-trafficking organisations, and scientists to effectively apply technology and data to Conservation Management. 

Date published: 2018/11/22

In this talk, Ted will take you on a tour of the protected areas he has visited in 11 countries, introducing you to the people who use grit, creativity, and a bit of technology to sustain the remaining wild places and wildlife in Africa. 

Conservation Technology didn’t exist as such five years ago. Today it is a still nascent but rapidly growing field with a handful of dedicated technologists working closely with protected area managers to create affordable, sustainable solutions. Ted will share the challenges of applying technology effectively to conservation. He will explain why adoption has lagged and why there have been so many false starts and failures. The journey from paper note books to a full-fledged conservation data ecosystem is well underway, but far from complete. It is a journey we must accelerate to have the scalable approach necessary to meet the pressing challenges and threats to the wildlife we wish to save. 

Join Ted in the WILDLABS community to find out more about the work Vulcan are doing to put tech in the hands of field conservationists. 

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