Opportunity: Wildlife Trafficking App Development Project Manager

Conservation International is now accepting applications for an International Wildlife Trafficking App Development Project Manager. This position will play a central role in developing a mobile application that can identify various shark and ray fins at the level of a species. 

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Date published: 2021/04/14

International Wildlife Trafficking App Development Project Manager 

We are seeking a candidate to help us pilot the Nature Intelligence System (NIS) with Singapore National Parks Board (NParks). The NIS is jointly developed by Conservation International (CI) Roger Williams University, the University of Massachusetts Boston with support from Microsoft. The NIS provides cutting-edge technological solutions to support governments in helping to reduce the illegal trade in wildlife. Port inspectors need these solutions to manage and synthesize an enormous volume of information to ensure only legally traded wildlife are cleared.

The business of international wildlife trade is based on speed and efficiency. This trade, especially when live animals are concerned, does not have the luxury of time to thoroughly inspect every parcel. Individuals, whether they are port inspectors or managers in the private sector, are unrealistically tasked to reliably inspect millions of shipments with supporting shipping documents that are not standardized and not electronic. This task is further complicated because the crates and shipping containers hold animals and plants (alive and derivatives) that span the entire spectrum of biodiversity. This represents tens of thousands of species ranging from corals, fish for aquariums, pet reptiles, lianas, orchids, tree species for timber, insects, birds and mammals (both live and as trophies or food and traditional medicine). The burden is simply too much for any individual or team, and better technology solutions are needed to overcome these challenges, and to effectively monitor wildlife trade.

This position will work closely with all of the previously mentioned organizations as we pilot the NIS software in Singapore focused on sharks and rays. This pilot project aims to develop a mobile application that can identify various shark and ray fins at the level of a species. Specific components to the application include:

  • Data Capture
  • Computer Vision: This will build on existing work by utilizing cutting-edge computer vision (Artificial Intelligence) models to increase the ability to make taxonomic identifications from fins. The computer vision models will utilize Microsoft Azure cloud. 
  • Mobile Application: The most determinant method to identify illegal wildlife, or ensure wildlife or wildlife derivatives are legal, within a shipment or trade route is to visually inspect the animal or derivative. This project aims to build a lightweight mobile application to ensure the application has the functionality necessary for adoption and future use. 


  • Serve as the liaison with all the previously mentioned coordinated.
  • Scheduling and organizing meetings in many time zones.
  • Conduct and present training sessions to stakeholders. 
  • Capture feedback from NParks and communicate project status to all participants.
  • Monitor project progress and ensure that deadlines are followed, flag and handle issues that arise.



  • Strong interest and experience learning new software.
  • Interest and willingness to learn about Wildlife Trafficking and the specific issues related to sharks and ray and potentially other taxa. 
  • Strong project management and organization skills.
  • University and post-grad students are welcomed to apply. Pay will commensurate with experience. 
  • Language: English


  • User experience and user interface design
  • Software requirements gathering and documentation
  • Demonstrated interest in technology in the environmental and conservation domains
  • Experience with wildlife trafficking projects and domain
  • Familiarity with international shipping and/or transhipping, customs operations
  • Familiarity with Singapore customs and ports landscape

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