Opportunities: RAY Diversity Fellowships

Several RAY Fellowship opportunities are now available with major US-based conservation organizations. RAY Fellowships are open to those from underrepresented communities, and opportunities range from fieldwork and data analysis to social media comms and policy. Several opportunities involve aspects of technology.

See the full list of available RAY Fellowships here.

We previously shared a RAY fellowship opportunity for an Antarctia Field Biologist here on WILDLABS.

Date published: 2021/03/25

The following fellowships may be of particular interest to the early career WILDLABS conservation tech community:

Science and Strategy Fellow: Oceana

Fellow will primarily be engaged in one or more of the following, depending on their skillset, interests, and immediate needs of our Department:

  • Conduct literature reviews and/or novel analysis on topics relevant to Science & Strategies initiatives, possibly including, but not limited to:
    • The role of fisheries in nutrition and food security, especially in SE Asia, coastal Africa, and as it relates to global trade flows;
    • Foreign fishing operations, policies and business activities as conducted in developing Coastal States, and could also include illegal fishing activities, geopolitical considerations, and the role of international aid; and
    • Understanding measures of equity and well-being in marine conservation, as well as the ramifications of climate change for the ocean and the communities which rely on it; and
    • Other general topics surrounding fisheries management, habitat protection, transparency in governance, and other issues on which Oceana campaigns.
  • Provide quantitative data analysis on one or more of the above topics using tool such as GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping, R programming language for statistical analysis, Microsoft Excel, or Tableau.

Apply by March 28th for consideration.

At-Risk Species Fish and Wildlife Biologist: US Fish and Wildlife Service

GIS skills will be helpful for applicants.

The fellow would focus on restoration of habitat that supports at-risk species and listed species on private lands, refuge owned lands, and partner lands, and could include the following tasks:

  • Assisting with restoration projects associated with wetlands (freshwater and saltwater), streams, meadows, forest buffers, fish passage, and coastal resiliency with the goal of leading and implementing 1-2 projects, which could include: work at Poplar Island Restoration project; pre-construction evaluation of thin layer spread projects at Mid-Bay and Deale Island; living shorelines and artificial reefs; culvert assessments for fish passage; salt marsh restoration projects to benefit saltmarsh sparrow; and pollinator habitat projects.
  • Assisting with surveys and data in-put for listed and at-risk species.
  • Assisting with implementing research and developing a species status assessment for Bethany beach firefly.
  • Assisting with developing habitat management plans for the federally threatened bog turtle.
  • Attend Chesapeake Bay Field Office Strategic Resource Conservation Division meetings (weekly) and full staff meetings (once a month), and Regional Science Applications staff meetings (weekly).

Apply by March 28th for consideration. 

Communications Specialist: US Fish and Wildlife Service

The fellow would focus on identifying and producing stories about funded projects and activities of the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program, and could include the following tasks:

  • Interviewing FWS and partner subject matter experts and producing blogs, social media and web content, and news stories/pitches that reach a variety of target audiences.
  • Assisting with website development, photography, videos, and other multimedia products coordinating with our regional External Affairs team.
  • Researching and compiling lists of media outlets and social media influencers within the target geography.
  • Assisting with development and production of resource materials such as talking points, fact sheets, infographics, slideshow presentations.
  • Assisting with development and implementation of strategic communications plans for internal and external audiences.
  • Participating in External Affairs team meetings (weekly) and DRBRP team meetings (biweekly) and related meetings and/or webinars as needed.

Apply by March 28th for consideration.

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